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Viatori is a free text, photo and video sharing application rewarding user interactions.

About Us

About Viatori

Viatori is a free text, photo and video sharing application rewarding user interactions. It enables its users to take photos and videos, apply filters AR-based, share them, gain by their social interactions. And also, it enables the brands an easier and faster way to reach the ultimate customer. Viatori acquired 400k downloads with high retention rates in Turkey in 8 months with standart photo and video sharing concept such as twitter, facebook and Instagram. Viatori has a new short-video sharing concept development named as "Dream" that is more ambitious sharing concept than the story feature of Instagram.

Main Features

Viatori attracts users with a more innovative and fun concept. It gives them the opportunity to make more fluent, fast and intense sharing. These shares earn money points to users. This money points earned by converting it into advantage in contracted brands offers its users opportunities.

World of Oppurtinities

Viatori offers a new value and experience to its users and contracted brands.

Rated User Profile

In Viatori, you have a profile that you have never experienced before. Very soon!

Dream: Short-Video Sharing Concept

That is more ambitious sharing concept than the Story feature of Instagram. Social sharing has never been so fun.

Web Platform

Viatori Social Media is also on the Web!


The user interface has been developed and updated according to user feedbacks and experiences.


Know-how gained through the long years of R & D, the rapidly expanding social network and obtained Big Data will lead to potential technologies.

Big Data and
Artificial Intelligence

All data in the system will be collected and personalized by Artificial Intelligence algorithms, and this Big Data will support development plans that will lead all potential technology moves.

Augmented Reality

Technologies to be integrated into the Dream sharing concept as one of the most powerful sharing features, and that are planned to be used in all modules in Viatori platform (especially in revenue model)

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality technologies that bring the social media into the virtual environment with the dream sharing concept, where virtual sharing environments are designed, using shared currencies in virtual markets and stores, games and advertising.

Who We Are

Behind the idea of Viatori, there is a group of academics, architects and engineers with a long sustained personal and professional relationship.

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Our Contact Information

E-Mail : info@viatori.com.tr

Web : www.viatori.com.tr